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til I see stars in my eyes
30th-Dec-2037 10:16 am - friends only (partially)

Welcome to my journal! It's only partially friends only.
My personal, real-life posts are locked, but anything
else I post is public.

I am adding friends, but only if I know you through any
of the communities I'm involved in here on LJ. :)

If you're looking for my graphics, check out woodenwhisper!
25th-May-2016 11:33 am - YouTube & Marvel
The Month in Questions - Day 24: Since you make YouTube videos, what common misconceptions about YouTube do you want to clear up? ( rogueslayer452)
This is kind of hard to answer because I'm a small YouTuber. I only have about 70 subscribers, so I don't have a ton of people watching every video or sending me Twitter questions or brands sending me free stuff. YouTube isn't my full-time job. I'm not even making any money from it at all. I have opinions on some things, though. Many people might not even think about these things. They just do them because there's a disconnect between themselves and the YouTubers.

For people with mid-size audiences (say between 100,000 to 300,000 subscribers), they're probably working on doing YouTube full-time. YouTube is a job. A lot of people don't see it that way, but listen, things change over time, especially with technology. A job doesn't have to mean you drive to an office and hate your life for 40 hours per week. People have found a way to entertain, and in some cases educate, large amounts of people by staying at home. Yes, they get paid, but they also work. Now, about those people with subscriber counts ranging from 100k to 300k - They probably don't have another job. YouTube is their income. So that means they have to pair with brands and do sponsored videos. I hate when viewers get angry about this. Most of the time, it's a short video and they're giving you a coupon code. It's not hurting anybody, and the YouTuber is getting a paycheck. Everybody needs a paycheck. What bothers me even more is people who use AdBlock on YouTube. Yeah, you don't want to watch an ad before a music video. But every time you watch any other video, you're basically stealing money from that YouTuber. I hate when people try to justify AdBlock. You can sit through 5 to 30 seconds of one ad.

I've been watching a lot of YouTube since about 2012, and I used to feel differently. I used to use AdBlock and hate sponsored content. I used to think every view meant a YouTuber earned a dollar, or more. But it doesn't work like that. Depending on if they're with a network, the amount changes, and it's usually per 1000 views. Subscriber count means nothing when it comes to getting paid. It's all about the views. I guess if you use YouTube casually, and only watch silly cat videos or whatever, you can justify using AdBlock. But if there's a YouTuber putting out thoughtful content every week and you constantly use AdBlock on them, you need to stop. It just gets me so mad because all you're doing is saving yourself a few seconds by hurting that YouTuber.

I could go on about so many things about YouTube, but I won't. And like I said, most of them don't apply to me anyway because I'm so small.

The Month in Questions - Day 25: What do you like the most about having a youtube channel? What is most challenging about it? ( andrea_deer)
Oh! Another YouTube question! Maybe I should read these in advance, lol. Right now, making videos is just a hobby. I really enjoy the content I create, though. I like talking about books. I like coming up with new ideas every week. A while ago, I was scheduling my month and rigidly pumping out multiple videos a week. It wasn't that fun. I've scaled back to one a week and I make them as ideas come to me. I don't keep lists anymore. And I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes I get a few ideas and then have a bunch of videos lined up. That's always a nice feeling. I have yet to hit a creative block. I'm sure that'll happen, of course. :p

I mostly enjoy talking to other YouTubers or viewers about books and other things. It's a really nice community. I feel kind of silly because there are so many BookTubers I watch and I just want them to notice me, lol. A couple of my favorites - actually, three in total, I think - have subscribed to my channel, so that makes me feel cool. xp There's this conference of sorts called BEA that just happened in Chicago. I couldn't go, but a bunch of BookTubers went and met each other. I'm really jealous! Next year, BEA is going to be in New York and I'm going to try to go.

For me, I feel like the challenging part happens in post-production. Editing takes so long, and my software was recently acting up where my audio wasn't syncing to the video. I hope I've fixed it, but we'll see when I film another video.

• I saw Captain America: Civil War yesterday. I'm not going to spoil anything. I just want to say that I think I'm over these Marvel movies. They've saturated the market and every movie is the exact fucking same. I've seen everything from Phase 1, and Phase 1 was good. Culminating in The Avengers, it was great! That movie was great. I feel like Phase 2 didn't really raise the bar. It was just repeating the same shit. I wasn't really impressed with any of them, and I skipped Ant-Man. Though I did really enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy. Then Avengers: Age of Ultron was a travesty. Now we're going into Phase 3 and I'm just... UUGGHH. I don't want to see any more of these movies! You can see all the upcoming titles here on Wikipedia. I think I'm only interested in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok. I love Thor and Loki. They're my faves.
23rd-May-2016 07:11 pm - My House
The Month in Questions - Day 23: What is your house like? How do you like to decorate? Pictures if you're comfortable! ( sobota)
My house is a MESS. It's probably the one thing I'm not comfortable taking pictures of. I still live with my mom and my step-dad, and altogether, we're just not very organized people. We have a lot of stuff, but we also don't clean all that often. It's not great. There really aren't decorations, or even pictures. It's kind of sad. :( I hope that when I live on my own, I don't live like this.
The Month in Questions - Day 22: Which fictional house (Hogwarts and/or ASoIaF) do you most identify with and why? ( novindalf)
WELL, I am definitely a Ravenclaw.

Even when I first read the Harry Potter books, I felt close to the Ravenclaw House. Now, I just see myself as a nerd who loves learning. I think some people see Ravenclaws as snobs, and that is probably a part of my personality. Like, I like to be correct about things. Use the right words. Not be ignorant. So I think that's a Ravenclaw trait.

As for ASOIAF, it's harder. I immediately think Starks because the books start off kind of being their story. They're the nicest people. I mean, I guess Daenerys is also interesting, but I don't identify with the Targaryens because I'm not a conqueror. I feel like the Starks just stay in their home, in their castle, on their lands, and take care of their own. That's me. I don't know the ASOIAF houses as well as I know the HP houses, but I also like the Tullys and the Greyjoys.

• Today's the first day I actually sat down and focused on reading. For the past few days, I've just been procrastinating, then reading a few pages in bed. Oops. Well, I managed to read 50 pages today. I'm currently reading You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down. It's a collection of short stories by Alice Walker. When I finish this I'm going to read Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf.

• Outlander spoilers ahead! I don't read the books, so this is strictly about the show. [2.07 Faith]This was like the saddest episode in a long time. And they're probably going to submit this for an Emmy for Caitriona. She did such an amazing job. I thought they did such a good job of storytelling with this episode. When Jamie comes home, and Claire is telling him about the baby, and it cuts to her holding the baby for hours and hours... That was so good! Also, at like episode 2 or 3 I said to my sister that I think she miscarries this baby. Because she was SO PREGNANT, but not as pregnant in episode 1 when she's back with Frank. Jack Randall continues to be THE BIGGEST piece of shit. I hate him so much. He is literally evil. Poor Fergus.

• As you may know, I have an Etsy shop! They've been offering this thing called Pattern where you can have your own site "powered by Etsy." So I did it. I bought the domain for $13/year. The Pattern thing is $15/month, but I'm currently in the free month trial. So check it out! Tell your friends!

• I got my grades for the semester!

I thought I'd be getting 2 As and 2 Bs, so it kind of averaged out. My GPA stayed the exact same, which is so great. I thought my British Lit prof was going to lower my grade by a whole letter grade because of my absenses, but it doesn't look like he did. I got low As on almost all my papers, so I feel like he didn't lower it all. Then for the Israeli Short Story, I hated that fucking class. I expected a B, and she must have lowered it because of my absences. Next semester I will GO TO FUCKING CLASS.
21st-May-2016 10:37 am - Death & Icons
The Month in Questions - Day 20: What character death from any form of media (movies, television, books) have you not gotten over? Was that particular death preventable or was it justified in context of the narrative? ( rogueslayer452)
To be honest, I don't get too upset when someone dies. I may be shocked and sad, but I usually get over it. Is that bad? :/ However, there is one or two that happened recently that really bothered me, and I'm still annoyed.
[The 100]Lexa dying on the 100 was completely bullshit. I didn't even see the episode because I was a few behind, but I stopped watching when I heard she died. I knew they were going to kill her, and I don't think it was justified. Lesbian/bisexual women get killed so often, it's ridiculous. They never get happy endings. Or at least, it's very rare. There are reasons for her death - Alycia was cast on a new show - but killing Lexa was the cheap and easy way out. I feel like lesbian/bisexual women always get thrown under the bus.
The second one is Game of Thrones, and it happened a few seasons ago. [Game of Thrones]This one I can't fault the writers of the show because it was in the book as well: Ygritte's death pisses me off. Why? Because it only happened to create man pain. I don't really remember if the show did this, but in the book, Jon spends SO MUCH TIME wondering if his arrow was the one that killed Ygritte. Yeah, it's different in the show. In the show, they're right in front of each other and someone else kills Ygritte. In the book, they're far apart. Jon sees Ygritte fighting, he looks away, looks back (I think), and she's down, so he wonders for the next forever if he's the one who actually killed her. Why do women have to die just for man pain? It happens in a lot of different media, a lot of the time.
So I guess the only deaths that bother me are the ones with larger discussions behind them, typically women's issues.

The Month in Questions - Day 21: talk about icons :> ( jsfunction)
I've been trying to get back into icon-making for the past few weeks (maybe months), and I feel like everything I make sucks. Just yesterday I made some stuff for the7days, and I only like some of them.

This is one where I painted the background. I usually just crop an image and leave it. I don't have the skills to do much else. But sometimes I can do negative space, like this one, and I think it came out well.

I think one of my strongest points is muted coloring, and I love the way this icon turned out.

The technique called chiaroscuro gets me, and I only attempt it if I have the right cap. I don't even know why I have this cap of Ingrid since I hated that arc on OUAT, lol. But I think this turned out nice!

Then there are icons by other people that blow me away. I wish I had these skills! I used to do praise posts every month, but I'm not as involved in the icon community anymore, so I'm not saving as many icons. Here are some I saved recently, though!

dixon dixon dixon dixon dixon

dixon dixon shameless666 marcasite tturners

tturners tturners naginis naginis naginis

naginis naginis naginis naginis starkwars
20th-May-2016 02:53 pm - YouTube Update!
Hi everyone! Here are my latest videos. I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

19th-May-2016 07:13 pm - Feminist Books!
• I met with my professor to talk about my short story project! This was our first meeting, and he basically wants me to read a bunch of stuff. I did a search of my library's catalog (because I have their website bookmarked) and they have almost every book. They're closed now, but I'll go in tomorrow to get these. I think I'll do a video for my channel called something like "Feminist TBR" featuring these books. ^_^

Books I Have:
You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down by Alice Walker
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Books To Get From the Library
Bastard out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
The Awakening by Kate Chopin
Alice Munro - any of her collections
The Collected Stories by Grace Paley
White Teeth by Zadie Smith
Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Dorothy Parker - any of her collections
Henrik Ibsen - a collection of plays that has A Doll's House

Books to Request from Other Libraries
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by Z.Z. Packer

It's probably the same in other states, but basically in Connecticut, my library can get a book from any other library. I just have to request it from the reference people and it usually takes a few days.

I'm most excited to read Zadie Smith because I've heard such good things about her. Have you read any of these? Any other recommendations for me? ^_^

• I started playing The Last of Us on my PS3 and it's so much fun! But just now I did a rage quit because I kept getting killed. I think the same developer did Tomb Raider and I looooooooved that game, so I'm not surprised I like this one. :)

• I signed up for a free Tidal trial membership just to listen to Lemonade, and I really like it! "Don't Hurt Yourself" is probably my favorite.

• Final grades aren't up yet! >:(
19th-May-2016 12:15 pm - Favorite Songs of All Time!
The Month in Questions - Day 19: What songs could you listen to all the time? ( sobota)
These are a bunch of favorites from all over the map. ^_^

18th-May-2016 01:03 pm - Bits and Bobs
• My book poll had a five-way tie with one vote to each book! :( I ended up picking Harry Potter because I felt drawn to it, lol.

• I watched Lemonade for the first time! It was very pretty, but I didn't love it like I thought I would. Then I just listened to the album itself, and I do like several songs. I'm sad it's only on Tidal. (I got a free trial just for this!)

The Month in Questions - Day 17: 5 songs you love right now ( amyofaquitaine)
This will be easy! I'm not including anything from Lemonade because I literally just listened to it, so I don't know what's a favorite yet.

The Month in Questions - Day 18: Describe your fashion sense, and take some pictures if you're comfortable with that. ( sobota)
I think I'm rather H&M without shopping at H&M, lol. I like neutrals - black, gray, white, etc. I also like low-key prints. I take selfies sometimes, but not too many of my clothes. But I found some good pictures! :)

This is one of my favorite shirts! It's long-sleeved and so soft.

I recently got this shirt. I love how pale it is.

A spot of color! I love these pants! Very comfortable.

One of my favorite shirts. It's so flowy!

You can kind of see the shirt here. I got it from Target, and usually the clothes there are terrible, but this one is nice!

This one's actually a dress. It's also really soft and a longer length.
16th-May-2016 11:31 am - Book Poll!
• I usually read two books at a time - one in hard copy and one on my tablet. But I can't decided what to read next! Help?

What book should I read on my ereader?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The Penultimate Peril (A Series of Unfortunate Events #12)
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Into the Forest
A Tale For the Time Being
The 100
Rebel Angels (Gemma Doyle #2)
The Lunatic Cafe (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #4)
Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2)
Girl waits with Gun

The Month in Questions - Day 16: Do you believe in love at first sight? Why/why not? ( monkiainen)
Hmmm... I don't really know. I think two people can see each other and both experience an attraction, and that means something. But I don't know if that's a deep, everlasting love right away. They still have to get to know one another. So I guess I don't!
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